Random gems from the web

Cartography stuff

Maps are never far from my mind, and currently with 2 side projects on the go that uses maps, I was exploring Mapbox functionality.

Some nice stuff that they have that I didn't realise until today:

geocoding (both forward and backwords) https://www.mapbox.com/developers/api/geocoding

directions (routing etc)

Both are available under the free plan, and is part of Mapbox's web services. Now there's nothing wrong with google maps but I am quite keen on trying out mapbox as you can do your own custom map styles AND they do a lot of other cool open source projects, including mapbox-gl, which uses vector tiles. great stuff.

On the subject of vector tiles, an alternative I found is Mapzen, which offers open data/ vector tiles from open street maps, they also seem to do navigation queries... something to explore.


I can't say I am very good at design, but I do love things looking good, and who can resist free high res images that comes with it's own javascript API?
https://unsplash.com/ (I can see the potential there for side project n+1...)