Musings on data ideas

Having just listened to a great podcast from Data Stories about "I Quant NY" by Ben Wellington, I am even more inspired to have fun and play around with datasets. Now, I live in a small town and while there are possibly stories to tell here, it is a lot harder to find curious datasets, so my (new) ideas are all over different big cities.

Some of the recent random questions include:

  • Pret A Manger always seem to be really close to a EAT (or in London at least) -- is this true? What is the max distance between two of them in London?

  • just saw, in which the author makes certain claims about Tokyo's food. But none of his claims seems to be backed up by data. Now it is an opinion blog, more or less, so he can be forgiven that, but it would be a fun exercise to see if I can prove (or disprove) some of his claims e.g. "It has more Michelin stars than any other city in the world" , "All the great French chefs have outposts there", "They have no stupid importation laws"

    -so how? Can I find the complete list of restaurants with Michel stars in the world? scrape it from somewhere?

    -who are the great French Chefs? is there a more objective list, and do they all have a restaurant in Tokyo?

    -importation laws: what are countries' laws in relation to food?

  • can I visualise a twitter trending topic propagates? In terms of space and time e.g. how tweet volume around the recent Storm Gertrude (UK) rises and falls as the stormy weather approaches/moves away?

Will be posting any successes on those here hopefully! :)