A week of Hellos

Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec has set up a brilliant project 'dear-data' in which they explored their personal data through weekly themes, and correspond as data pals. They have inspired others to participate, and this is week one with my data-pal, on the theme of 'Hello'



This week's vis is a series of blocks forming the word 'Hello', with a dividing line between each day, and a block corresponding to one 'hello'/nod/'hi' or similar. I did think of using a more traditional bar chart, but then I thought, why not do something fun? In a way, this project is also about art, and exploring the more crazy /artsy side of me. Which is why I also went for a 'color your own postcard' card.

The blocks are color coded according to who I say the hello to -- a colleague, a friend, an assistant at a shop, a stranger, or a fellow cyclist. I guess 'a fellow cyclist' can be classed as a stranger as well, but given how many I nod to on a nice long weekend ride, I thought they really should belong to their own category!